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South Texas orbs with UFO/METEOR?
04/10/21 2AM Dogs barking. Went outside with infrared camera. Panned front 40 acres. Nothing. Pointed up, saw hundreds of orbs. One seemed to get near the ground like it was looking around then felt a big flying bug comming. It rose up from 6" over ground to about 3' then shot off like a bullet. Then, the big bug flew through that spot. The orb looked like it knew that bug was coming. Isn't that inteligence? After about 10 minutes, orbs started to disappear. I pulled the camera away to look . Saw nothing. Then for some reason I quickly pointed camera in a certain direction & it only took me 1.5 seconds to view a UFO/METEOR ENTERING OUR ATMOSPHERE. IT WAS MOVING MUCH SLOWER THAN MOST OF THE ORBS. IT SEEMED TO SLOW DOWN, GET DIMMER FROM BRIGHT WHITE TO ALMOST SEE THROUGH. THEN I SAW SOMETHING INSIDE. THE OUTER WHITE WAS LIKE A SHIELD. WHEN THE WHITE RING DISAPPEARED, THE INNER OBJECT TURNED LEFT, UP AND THEN MOVED OUT OF SIGHT. I TOOK 15 MINUTES OF INFRARED VIDEO ON THESE. The UFO/METEOR looked like in my estimate was over SAN ANTONIO,TEXAS. I AM 45 MILES SOUTH. I AM PUTTING A VERY SHORT CLIP OF UFO UP. THE LONGER ONES AREN'T LOADING. HAS ANYBODY ELSE SEEN THIS ONE?

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South Texas orbs with UFO/METEOR? - by RUSTYSKY - 04-12-2021, 08:41 AM

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