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Purple orb?
(03-29-2021, 12:42 PM)cfin Wrote: Many years ago while leaving my grandparents' farm in Michigan one night, I noticed a stationary, purple orb at or in the treeline about 30-40 meters away from their private road.  Estimated size about 1 meter in diameter, no sound, maybe about a meter above the ground.

I've seen white (5 together), orange (single), and pale yellow (single) lights in the sky at night that exhibited what I thought was some unusual behavior, but which could possibly be explained without too much effort.   The purple thing puzzles me to this day though.

Any other experiences with purple orbs?

I haven't seen purple orbs before, but purple means the light is a mix of red and blue light. When I took an astronomy course in college I learned that red is low energy and objects that appear to be red can mean it's red-shifted and moving away from us. Blue, on the other hand, is more energetic and could mean it's blue-shifted and moving towards us. Red and Blue are at opposite ends of the color spectrum so it's less likely that it's random natural light and more likely that it's from artificial light and intentional.

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