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Possible abduction/encounter grey
(03-25-2021, 05:12 PM)Bobsmith Wrote:
(03-25-2021, 03:20 PM)wgabrie Wrote: Were you afraid of this grey alien? Did it startle or terrify you?

And, yes. Sleeping on one's back isn't a good sleeping position. That's what I think based on my own experience with sleeping positions.

Do you have any pets? Could it have been a cat sleeping on you?
It was like a stereorypical grey alien with large black glossy eyes less than 3 feet from my face.  I believe I was afraid and thats how I hurt my neck but it could have been a vivid dream.  My gut says it wasn't a dream.

If your gut tells you it was true, then it probably was. You see I also believe that Alien abduction is a real thing, and not only do I believe that Alien life exists in the Universe, but, that intelligent life is also coming here. Besides I've had my own share of encounters.

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