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Possible abduction/encounter grey
On 2/17/21 I went to sleep in my bed. I awoke to see a grey alien standing to my left side I was lying on my back the alien was close to my face I only remember its face and head with a black backround possibly not in my bedroom I jerked my head to the left and up I think.  When I woke up the next day in my bed my neck hurt and continued to hurt for about 3 days.  My memory or possibly a dream only lasted about 2 seconds.  I've never had a dream like that before or hurt myself in my sleep like that before.  Also I never sleep on my back so if it wasn't a dream and it really happend I was prob somewhere else and not sleeping normally but put to sleep somehow.  Has anyone else had an experience like this? I live in south central mississippi.

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Possible abduction/encounter grey - by Bobsmith - 03-24-2021, 05:22 PM

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