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Have you ever seen something like this?
(01-26-2021, 09:25 PM)Sara333 Wrote: So almost a year ago; I was driving on the freeway and on the other side of the freeway when I looked left; just above the phone lines/ rooftops; this thing was going the same direction as me; it looked like a rounded garbage can in a way; but clearly had 2 different metals (copper and silver colors) and it looked very old and roughly put together not shiny and smooth. Probably a bit larger than one of those old style metal garbage cans. I clearly saw it spinning and it wasn’t even going that fast but then it picked up a bit and went too far ahead and to the left for me to see anymore; I am SO mad at myself for not grabbing my phone because I could have had a 2 min video of it but there was traffic going 70mph and I didn’t feel I could safely get to my phone Sad anyways, curious if anyone has seen anything remotely similar? Ty! First day here!!!

If you saw a silent flying trash can then its pretty obvious that it wasn't made by humans.

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