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What UFO's have been spotted over the UK 2021/22?
I myself have many different types of UFO' from the triangle, to tictac's, and have even spotted a constant stream that was not the starline express train of satalites. But from directly above not from the horizon but straight above me in our star system, one appearing from one location then followed with eyes and spotted another directly opposite from another location appear from no where, then related over and over like they came from no where, moving in the electro magnetic propulsion method in zigzag form heading north them shooting off to the north east. Watched for 2 hours. Have seen the tictac last Nov 2021 heading north westerly, and have 3 metallic objects heading north at the beginning of our 1st lockdown which seemed to appear metallic then vanish then shine metallic again. I even watch the zigzaing of craft through our star system and watch some actually travel through the stars. Now when I watch the stars you can tell which is satalites and which aren't because of the zigzag. And I'm looking for all other info on sightings around the UK so far times, dates, shapes, wheather day or night as I am currently looking for this for a person study. If near historical areas of interest like stone circles, old crop circles etc. So please can any member's from the UK from Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland help me with this.

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