Poll: Did anyone else see orbs, discs, UFOs on Thursday, April 30, 2021 over, Fontana, Rialto, Colton, San Bernardino in California?
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Mothership & 6 UFO in Fontana & Rialto S. California

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MUFON case# 114984

Mothership & 6 UFO in Fontana & Rialto 
Southern California were seen in two cities simultaneously. In Fontana at about 9:15 PM, a mothership ascended and released 6 smaller ships which went into different directions but the mothership stayed put motionless.
At the same time in Rialto, 10 miles away a ship was seen pulsating in orange, white, baby blue and it had 7 round lights around its rim, which are seen in some photos taken. About 7-10 airplanes circled the ship in Rialto and 2 are seen on the video. We were driving to Fontana while on the phone with the eyewitness
in Fontana, who saw about 3 airplanes circle around the mothership.
at 9:48 PM the mothership shot up fast and disappeared. We only saw the Rialto ship.
But have photos of both sightings

I have a video but this thread won't accept the file.
Can you upload to a video streaming site like Youtube and share the link?
The link to the MUFON case # 114984
is here:

Test Link
Interesting video, but unfortunately trembling by shooting made without a tripod.
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(04-30-2021, 04:40 PM)editundo1 Wrote: Can you upload to a video streaming site like Youtube and share the link?

Similar UFo photos here.


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