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Clear footage of a UFO taken from a commercial airline
Very interesting.
(02-05-2021, 10:28 PM)skitzo Wrote: Very interesting.

So interesting I photographed and videoed similar white ufo’s above my families home in 2016.
I wish there was a source on this. I am curious if it holds up under technical analysis. If so, this is one of the most compelling videos of a UFO I've ever seen.

Btw I have seen one myself, which I reported to MUFON in 2020. Daylight sighting of a shiny metallic and weirdly flashing ellipsoid/disc-shaped thing -- quite similar in appearance to what's depicted in this video. Very weirdly at the exact moment of the Crew Dragon splashdown on August 2nd, like the television was talking about "the return of the spaceship" and such when I saw this thing right out of my window, for probably 60-90 seconds. Checked flight data, nothing over the entire Baltimore beltway when I saw it, at the exact time of the sighting.
Forgive me, but it is a clear fake ... it is clear from the hourly known inability of the witnesses to move the cameras and to follow the framed object ... in fact it has been inserted on video recovery, through 3D electronic processing. .. images like these are obvious and well recognizable by workers.
LTPA OBSERVER PROJECT- First Italian Scientific Project that deals with the study of transient luminous phenomena of atmospheric origin. Since 2007.
Clear fake and a very bad one at that.

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