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Triangle UFOs
I saw my first UFO, and it was a triangle one, when I was 11 in 1968.I was in Northern NJ, Sussex County, along the Delaware river. How many others have seen these types of craft?
I saw a black triangle with vibrant white lights on each corner in summer 2011. Cambridge City, IN.
(01-17-2021, 11:17 PM)TKX400 Wrote: Я увидел свой первый НЛО, и это был треугольник, когда мне было 11 лет в 1968 году. Я был в Северном Нью-Джерси, графство Сассекс, вдоль реки Делавэр. Сколько еще видели эти типы судов?

I saw the first object in the summer of 1981.
It was a stationary disc at an altitude of about 5000 meters. We thought it was an ordinary satellite))
The second time was in the evening in December 1986. It was snowing. I saw only three lights in the form of a regular triangle.
Since about 2005, I have regularly observed objects in two sectors. Most often in the region of the constellation Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.
Objects appear very often. They fly in complete silence, the altitude is about the same 5000 meters. In the area of Little Dipper, without reducing the speed, they begin to flicker and disappear from the visible spectrum within 3-4 seconds. I guess this is teleportation.
In the other direction of the sky, objects abruptly change their trajectory at an angle of about 30 degrees.
I am a skeptic by nature, but I cannot explain such phenomena. I just watch Pithecanthropus look at a taxi in the metropolis. 
If possible, in the spring I will buy a telescope with a video recording function. 
I am new to this site. Can I upload a video here?
I saw one, and reported it years later. It "may" have been the same one in this report (it is not my report - I reported it in person to a MUFON investigator in Georgia several years after I saw it).

The person in the report cannot remember the exact year - same as me. According to the map of the area this person claims they saw it, I was a beeline straight north from that location by about 15-20 miles.

The MUFON investigator said by the description I gave, that it was from 1.5 to 2 miles wide. I thought it was just really low to the ground - he told me it wasn't due to the cloud formations I described, etc.

This is my first post. I decided to join the forum after reading the linked report.

Just a short description ... It was massive, had very bright white bluish hued lights on each angle of the triangle. It made no noise at all, and was moving extremely slow. I initially thought it may have been a blimp of some sort.
Ok, this is my report (but I did not report it on the same day, as I was married in 2004 and divorced in 2008.
(01-17-2021, 11:17 PM)TKX400 Wrote: I saw my first UFO, and it was a triangle one, when I was 11 in 1968.I was in Northern NJ, Sussex County, along the Delaware river. How many others have seen these types of craft?

About a month ago I took the pup out around midnight for her last potty break of the day. In the southern sky I saw two white triangle shaped objects, one behind the other, travelling much faster than any craft we know of. They were moving toward the northwest and I think were several miles away. Then they abruptly turned toward the east. They quickly went out of sight. I was quite surprised to see the Pentagon video of a triangular craft since it looked very much like what I saw. The only difference is the brightness did not fluctuate as it did on their video.
I myself too have seen the dorito in the skies. The weird part about it is that it made so much noise or rather vibrations that the whole house shook (reason why i checked in the first place as i thought a hercules/ac130 plane was crashing).

Ive seen many orbs and lights and i have a rule i rather observe then take pictures or video as they know if i record them. This way i have longer observations.
I haven't seen any ufo's besides the triangle make any noise or vibration so i find that fact weird and might seem as its a possibilty its man made or lower intelligence then the other ones.
In 1994, driving home at night west on route 50 to Cincinnati. I saw several triangles flying low over the river, silent and dimly lit by reflected light.

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