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Skepticism, find a cure! - AnthonyGiarrusso - 11-24-2022

Rough estimate I'm 28 years old. 28 x 365 Days per year is 10,186 days. I've seen 32 UFOs. 10, 186 - 32 =10,154 days not seeing UFOs.

UFO sightings are still rare, but skeptics logic doesn't work. I've seen 1 fin whale in the wild, but they will claim "Yeah fin whales are real", but then I've seen 32 UFOs and they will claim "UFOs are fake". 

I would love to help these skeptics get educated on UFOs, but I think skeptics are unintelligent and a lost cause.
Imagine the "Cancer find a cure " car ribbon shaped magnets. Then image "Skepticism, find a cure." 

ROFL  Tongue

RE: Skepticism, find a cure! - chericrystal - 12-03-2022

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