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Skeptics Are Alien - AnthonyGiarrusso - 11-07-2022

Skeptics are alien in their views blindly claiming UFO experiencers are all frauds and crazy. 

No, the skeptics are the ignorant pencil-necks due to their lack of experience and arrogant attitudes. I've personally seen more UFOs than any documentary or podcast guest. I just don’t understand how people go their whole lives without seeing a real UFO. How can skeptics be this sheltered? As an analogy it would be like a person who has never been in a bookstore, or never been on an airplane, or never been to a fresh bakery.

In terms of cars, it is like never seeing a Ferrari or an Aston Martin before your death.
I have seen more UFOs than wild poisonous snakes. 

(A few cottonmouths and only 1 eastern diamondback rattlesnake) 

Think on that people!

Anthony Giarrusso Paranormal Channel