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Strange lights - URizt - 11-27-2021

On November 24, my daughter-in-law noticed “strange lights” resting in the sky for almost an hour, then moving to a strange, unnatural way - first they moved fast, they stopped sweating for a moment and then they moved very fast and jumpy forward to
finally back - without turning. With her iPhone, she took a few shots of the lights on and two videos of the movement.
Since I am an amateur in photography and video editing, she asked me if I could look at the shots and, if possible, enlarge them. Between shots stands out a shot that, while filtering and processing in Photoshop, showed a strange and sharp object that I would really like to know what it is, so I am sending you the original photo from the iPhone, and my converted, enlarged and enhanced photos (JPG) and I am asking for your opinion what would be the object in these photos?
More information on photo processing: Original "heic" photo converting to "Jpg" with FormatFactory; then I make Auto Adjustments
and Automatic Levels and then cropping object on photo and enlarge the image of the object. That's all.
Your opinion ?

RE: Strange lights - Amber Circumpunct - 11-27-2021

Appears to be a 3d-like orb with an interior structure that's in between states of matter.