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Holland/ Saugutuck TicTac UFO - Elysian - 08-22-2021

Last night at 8:21pm while walking my dogs I saw. White oblong craft w/ a flat front end. Moving to slowly to be a plane w/ no sound or jetwash. I also checked the commercial airline tracker and nothing other than what I identified was flying overhead at that time. I had seen a airliner a few minutes prior to this ufo. I reported it on mufons site. I also got video of the object. From a cell phone at over a mile away its tough to see much. Much on my Instagram i have another person who commented seeing the same object at the same time and location. I had not shared the location he mentioned so it's a legit collaboration. Just wondering if anyone else noticed it??

RE: Holland/ Saugutuck TicTac UFO - wgabrie - 08-23-2021

Oh, your video is unavailable. I didn't see it so I don't know. But it was probably real if it was removed.