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mib are real - daisgreen67 - 07-31-2021

Hello everyone, I have not been around for several years. Just marking a notch in time and odd occurrences thus far of this day. As my topic reads - mib are real. I "shut myself off" for a time span of 2.5 hrs. Low and behold, a person I know, and do consider to be a pawn, a marionette came driving up to our home, with the explanation of, "I was just seeing if you still lived here. I haven't seen you in a while." Nothing of any real importance was said. Refused to have a seat and drink a glass of tea. He left as quickly as he arrived. 

Not a coincidence.

RE: mib are real - AnthonyGiarrusso - 01-10-2023

That guy sounds like a spook. Was he just some random guy or did he really know you?