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Sun Alien Satellite - Greeksayz - 05-23-2021

I have been watching the SOHO in Helioviewr.org and i have found out a ship in very close proximity to the Sun. If was a human I think he will have melted. Some times moves to 0300 but usually can be found at 0500.Can anyone please confirm this. I will enclose the Link and photos. Thank you in advance. https://helioviewer.org/
Bar scale=22.000.  Been in that spot since 2015.        
Another one from www.heliovewer.org from 2014 cigar shape craft.

RE: Sun Alien Satellite - Greeksayz - 05-28-2021

There is another youtuber MrMBB333 reports a Dyson Sphere refueling plasma of the sun both in May 11th and May 26th in 05:30 sec :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI4zpPsiCZI

RE: Sun Alien Satellite - Paul - 06-02-2021

What a bunch of crap

RE: Sun Alien Satellite - ziplock9000 - 06-04-2021

You found a UFO not a ship