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New Black Triangle sightings imminent in west Texas - westtxlawrence - 02-12-2021

The new B21 bomber (a black triangle wing) squadron is based at Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas now and will begin training flights
soon.  I live south of Pecos, Reeves county, Texas between Interstate Highways 20 and 10.   There is a Lonestar Bomber
Scoring Range 6 miles northwest of my farm.  The bombers fly from Dyess to the beacon at the old Fort Stockton WWII Army
Air Corps base then due west above IH-10 to Saddleback mountain in the Davis Mountains where there is a white blinking beacon...where the bombers turn north and fly to Canon AFB, Portales, New Mexico and turn back to the southeast to return
to Dyess AFB in Abilene, Texas.   In the past we've had B1B Lancers, B52Buffs, German Raptor bombers, and one lone B58
Hustler bomber fly the scoring range track.   There have been sightings of saucers, triangles, balls of light, and even a couple
of alien encounters on the ground in this area.   We also regularly see Apache, Kiowa, Jolly Green, and corporate helicopters
in the area.  I'm retired, ex-Air Force and I've always been able to identify what I see.  A formation of drones  with yellow lights
gave me a moment's pause.....looked like a giant triangular spear point in the night sky about 1000 feet on each side....but I
figured it out. 

Anyway, IF Triangle UFOs show up out here you guys will hear about it.