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Music In Pulheim (germany)
Posted by: Persona - 07-07-2021, 06:58 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Saw this. Can someone help?

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  Help Identifying Unknown Objects
Posted by: Mattinho - 07-06-2021, 06:23 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Hi all, 

I wonder if anyone can help me identify a few odd objects seen in the sky in this video.

This was taken on 5th June 2021 at approx 16:30 in Waterlooville, United Kingdom facing East. My family and I were in our garden when my youngest son starting shooting his water gun at an object in the sky. At this point we all noticed it in the sky. It looks metallic and almost as if it's spinning, catching the light every now and then. We saw it for at least 20 mins. During this time I used my phone to video it. My other son said that he saw something else shoot across the sky but no one else saw it. Looking back at the video we noticed two more objects appear in the sky. Both flying by at a very high speed. I managed to slow it down enough to see them quite clearly.  

YouTube hasn't done the quality any favours but if you slow the video to 0.25x you can clearly see all three objects.

Any ideas?


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  4th of July Unexplained Orbit in Sky
Posted by: Dorey - 07-05-2021, 04:10 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

We saw this in the sky and our eyes didn’t see what was captured on the video.
At 1378 Robbins Station Road, North Huntingdon, PA 15642

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  Heard noises & saw a figure
Posted by: confusedgirl123 - 07-04-2021, 11:24 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Hey everyone! 

The other night I woke up to my dog going crazy & I saw a huge black figure standing in my door way. I couldnt move & forgot what happened until I woke up at 3:33am again and all I could here was what sounded like a helicopter hovering overside on my property & then I heard it take off. 

I am so confused as to what happened - does this sound like a alien/ufo/visitor. 

Im located in the northern rivers area in Australia- an hour from Gold Coast

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Star Lights that follow
Posted by: earth1977bound - 06-24-2021, 09:58 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

There are lights that follow me everywhere in the sky and they connect to each other and have some kind of cartoon like foil bird they have attached by a cable of some sort I call him bird. I feel a strong connect to these as if one is my real dad not earth dad and they are my family . ICommunicate with these craft or lights with a flashlight. They sit over my house every night and follow me everywhere I have seen them during the day the craft that is. Some look light regular planes but are not. If I think about them they hear my thoughts and show up no matter what never seen a being but I know they were in woods and outside by me at night. They saved my life there love and just being there stopped me from doing something stupid . I asked God for a light in a prayer only I knew about and boy did I get it. I'm not nuts and never believed truly in this stuff but now I do and they my family and daddy are heaven sent and I hope to have contact face to face with them apparently like I did when I was little and go on a ride again soon I wish that so much I just needed to get that out. Also I had a witness to these events with me every single time they are scared blown away but fascinated at the same time we talk about my family and dad and them in general alot but not with anyone else really and those we did mention or say something to think we're nuts so we just shut up. Alot of black helicopters around me constantly now. Idk maybe it's a coincidence but if anyone has anything that would help me understand what the heck is going on and help me understand just who my family and daddy really are it would be appreciated I know I sound nuts but I swear I am of total sound mind but I'll leave that up to you to believe just please be kind if there's any response I just had to get it off my chest thank you .

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  Night Sky
Posted by: Kellsbells - 06-21-2021, 03:47 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

This is a picture my daughter took of the night sky over Western Kentucky. She took a series of pictures of the stars. This is the only one that had this pattern in it. The rest were normal. We did not see this with our eyes. This was taken with a phone.

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  House intelligence committee members just received a classified briefing on ufo ...
Posted by: wgabrie - 06-18-2021, 08:55 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

House Intelligence Committee Members Just Received a Classified Briefing on UFO Findings - The Debrief

It looks like things are progressing as we wait for the UFO/UAP report to Congress.

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  Help Me!!
Posted by: Nini2361 - 06-17-2021, 09:03 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

So I have been having a lot of crazy thing happening to me since I moved to my home I have purchased. From vibrating pictures to objects moving and the latest is weird spotting that I can't explain but other people telling me that they do see nothing while some say they are seeing it as well. I have footage of all the this because I was starting to think that I may have a mental illness because of the way I was being treated and being told that I need help. If I do and the footage I share is nothing to do with some other being or UFO please let me know so I can seek the help I need. I'm the mother of two year old twins that I once walked in to there room and they were both levitated from their beds. As I walked in they bounced on to their bed but continued that day to try and do it again. I really believe their are several of these beings that have decided to rest in my home and watch us. They scan us is what I call it as if they are trying to study us to live as we. Here is what I have taken yesterday morning.  I have so many more but wanted to start with this one. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0iFJJwJM...wTpbQN1QMg the original one is 30 mins long. [url=https://share.icloud.com/photos/0KqLaX6Z42ETuwEq6tGTWTlEA][/url]

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  Strange lights/Object
Posted by: Deeluna - 06-15-2021, 10:25 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

I reached out to mufon almost 6 years back when I first saw this. Forgot about it until I came across it again. Problem is I keep trying to upload to mufon and my video will not upload. I attached a link but it was labeled as spam which it is not. This happened in Chicago, August of 2015 before the air and water show. This was definitely flying, was not on the water. 


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  I have seen being in my room
Posted by: Josalynmendee - 06-13-2021, 04:44 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (9)

WWichita kansas i had multiple occurances of seeing 2 beings. They vibrated my entire body. I have an accidental photo catch from another time

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