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  Lights over Winchester, KY
Posted by: Meridarenee - 03-29-2022, 06:50 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

My husband, myself and our two children were on our way home from dinner and shopping last night around 8:05 PM. We were beside Fox's General Store @ KY 974 when my husband told me to look up. There was a craft that was stationary in the sky. Could not make out the exact shape but it made no sound and had three red, blue and clear lights that were blinking off and on at different times.  As we noticed it we slowed down and it was like it noticed us as well. It began to follow us. It followed us for around 2.5 miles and we went around a curve and it disappeared.  We live on a huge mountain top here and we see lights often but nothing like this.  This was different.  I would say it was in the sky for around 8 mins all together.

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  Map is empty No Videos No.Photos
Posted by: Ken Lloyd - 03-26-2022, 11:21 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

This morning I noticed on the UFO Tracker 
The map is showing nothing .
This includes reports with past and current Ufo reports. 
What's happening. 
As I read other threads. 
People here are complaining regarding 
This problem.
Hopefully someone will someday 
someone will fix this.

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  Ufo sighting in becket mass
Posted by: Jefalger - 03-24-2022, 02:22 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

My dad recorded this we live in middle of nowhere huge forest https://youtu.be/iL87H-4j_7Q

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Exclamation We are all Contained
Posted by: Teebagn - 03-10-2022, 04:56 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

The energy is great when they are close.. You feel like superman ?‍♂️... The water around you evaporates, and they have no problem at all hacking your devices extremely quickly and getting to your thoughts.. radiation must be high, magnetic field is flipped.. Tunnel effect is in play.. smells like smoldering flesh.. The moon the stars the clouds the sun down to the insects.. everything appears to be evolving at an unbelievable pace.. we are contained within domes drivin by the latest technology.. Information I care nothing about appears as a vision in my head.. It hasn't stopped since July 2020.. where ever I go they are there, and if they are not they will be within a few minutes.. 1st and 4th pic are of the moon.. 1st and 4th both taken at 6:44 pm 
2nd pic of the moon taken at 6:33 pm. These are artificial suns and moons.. you don't have to believe me.. but you got eyes ? right.. no pic have been altered on any way other than shrinking them down to hit the under 500kb limit..

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  Las fotografias no se logran ver
Posted by: wirelees - 02-25-2022, 02:14 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

saludos esta muy bueno el mapa de posibles encuentros o localizaciones de echos , el problema que para poder ver las fotos con navegador de google no funciona y menos por la red tor , asi que al parecer es problema de su servidor que puedo hacer para poder ver las fotos en su sitio web , saludos desde chile 5 region llay llay

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  Admin help please
Posted by: Morti55 - 02-24-2022, 01:46 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

I have tried to change the password for my account, I have tried several times using the email I registered with and have never received an email for password change..

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  What in the HECK is this thing
Posted by: Bygtymer22 - 02-17-2022, 02:31 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Is there any way I can share a video with anyone and get their opinion on wat this was.Its a video of a orb turning into a fire. All kinds of shape and forms it's taken it like smaller orbs are being su Cool cked into it and then the fire starts changing shapes everytime one is sucked into it

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  Stalker map
Posted by: Frankie - 02-11-2022, 09:36 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

What is going on with the Stalker map? It hasn't been updated in 2, maybe 3 weeks. Anyone know?

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  What the FUCK is going on???
Posted by: Heanhunter - 02-10-2022, 03:20 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (10)

What the FUCK is going on with the pictures and videos in the reports. Fix this shit! Angry

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  Something i cant unsee
Posted by: youngwitnessufo - 02-08-2022, 06:06 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

A scary sight for anyone

i was between 4 and 6 yrs old when i saw something that I have never talked about with anyone.
After being carried to our car to go pick up my mother from work in the middle of the night something caught my fathers attention and caused him to go to the street. Daisy our elderly neighbors small dog was barking nonstop, which was weird because our two dogs were not. peeking out the rear window of the car, after being told to stay down, I watched this metal thing land on top of daisy, squishing her into the road.  This thing had three metal legs, no windows and no doors at first. but then a ramp came out of it and touched the road, then a door opened and a window appeared with three "people" inside the metal thing.  My young mind had seen airplanes and helicopters before but it wasnt like any i had ever seen before. i watched them but never saw their mouths move with words or noise. One of the things looked my way and i could hear inside my head "Lost"  "Find others"  "Help need"  I wasnt scared or afraid but watching my fathers response to these creatures as he told them he didnt see any other lights nearby but they better find their friends before the government did and it was to late.  the ramp went back inside the craft, the door closed and then the three "people" silently said "friends" in my head.  As my dad approached the car the lights took off with a flash, just a second or two maybe and it was gone. My father looked at me and simply said " i told you to stay down, Dont ever talk about this with anyone, not even me, its just a dream".  I often thought that it was just a dream growing up, until a different neighbor unwittingly acknowledged that he had witnessed the event that killed little daisy that night and had seen the same craft that was in my dreams.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this?   My father wasnt the governments biggest fan, being a Vietnam Vet who was spit on after coming home from a war he didnt want to fight, he did everything in his power to keep them out of his life. As a child i simply followed his orders about not talking to anyone about what i saw that night, but now i am curious about these entities and their ship. that was the closest encounter i have ever had.  so i know that we humans are not the most intelligent life forms in the universe, although their landings could use some adjustments.

young witness

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