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Full Version: The UFO Mainstream Issue
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So much of the mainstream in podcasts and documentaries push a narrative to look at the military industrial complex and the government for the makers/creators  of UFOs. 

It seems like a controlled narrative.

You rarely hear anything about other possibilities such as the spy industrial complexprivate cooperation's, prodigies (People With High Intelligence),  independent scientists (Working for themselves and not a company or group), artificial intelligence or machines (Non-biological, no humans or other living things), or teleportation/time travel advancements.

This doesn't prove anything about UFOs except the strange narrow focused narrative being currently pushed. We need to ask ourselves why this narrative.

I believe that more people should peruse other leads. Maybe you know of a lead I haven't thought of yet.

Anthony Giarrusso 

P.S. Wherever you can still find my videos scattered online; some of my videos have been blocked or profiles deplatfored. You will just need to search deeper than Google allows/shows my content. Some of my content doesn't even show in search results. keep that in mind.