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Full Version: Analysis Aliens threats and Encounter with MiB
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I'm inventor, theoretician and environ-mental profiler. 
When I lived in US, in California in 2014, some strange things happened to me, like the encounter with a Man in Black. 
When I came back to France, I decided to write a book about it, and to make a statement as philosophical as scientific about Aliens. 
I published it in 2016 in French only, and late, I did its translation. 
I'm launching this English version. 
Its title is :
Why Aliens are somewhat Boneheads, at least, Stinkpots”. 
Aliens and UFO are not fake or supernatural phenomenons.
Scientific and philosophical treatise on the non officially listed beings, and their aberrant acts.
Study, Analysis and Demonstration, Discussion with a Man In Black, Protocol for the revelation of Alien entities

I'm not contacting you for marketing reasons, but because I really think you'll learn several things by reading it.
If you want to read it, I can give you, under pdf. (Available on Amazon in paperback only).
Surely, we are living a huge change since few years, and we have to change our behaviour about them, since, we are now in a decisive and serious phase of transition for Mankind.
From now, we have to show an intelligent line and speech because most of published books about Aliens are, if not ridiculous, only wind, and do not bring anyhting, and even some are counter-productive. 
We are on the same (right) page since we talk about them like we talk about anything else, naturally.  
Anyway, their revelation is much more hard to set up, much more complicated to manage. 
I don't think it would be smart to do it. As for Human Earthlings, as for them. I suggest you to read my last chapter about it "Disclosure Protocol".
The risk is very, very, very high.
I think that their revelation has to be done to a few people only, meaning the ones mentally able to bring something in the discussion, like us. The revelation has to be done a little by little.  

Have a good day.