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Full Version: Photo taken during eclipse with unusual object
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I greet you in all the 

Love and light of the one creator I’m posting a photo taken on the night of the Lunar eclipse 
And after reviewing the picture I noticed a strange light to the left of the moon. This is the only place I can imagine would even consider taking a look and maybe running it through a few filters. Any opinions about the picture would be greatly appreciated because I haven’t a clue what it is. Thanks for your consideration 

Hi Flipp

All I can add to your catch up there is to agree with all who've seen it that this sun lit or self lit object is why we are here. You saw a great example, and thanks for sharing it!

My small town's everlasting legend goes hand in hand with the days date of your post but way back to December 7, 1939.  Sad

MK Indiana  Smile