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Full Version: UFO Sighting (US-05252021-0017) Wethersfield, Connecticut on April 30, 2021
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115722  (not mine, just helping people see it)

This one was VERY hard to find.. it all happens in less than a second.. but I was able to catch 6 stills of it. 
The pic's are very small..  I hope you all can see it. (edit: The black object is a jet)
The photo appears very dirty due to dust or dust present on the electronic sensor (?) or on some other surface. The object is obvious, difficult to understand what it can also be due to the low resolution of the photo, it may perhaps be some kind of well-known aircraft, but it is real is obvious. Strangely.
1) Did it move?
2) Duration of observation?

Most likely just cloud formation or nothing worth looking at. The cases regarding UFO/UAP within clouds are usually bad resolution so you cant use it as evidence, fakes or is not worth looking into.