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I live in south Florida in Port Saint Lucie, this was last year around the end of June, around 12am I was heading to my moms house to grab a long sleeve shirt with my girlfriend for my graduation, my brother was awake and I talked to him for a bit before I left, so I knew he was awake. As I am leaving I am going south, west of my house, 3-4 streets to the west, my girlfriend is driving and I see at the corner of my eye a bunch of lights above a house to the east( only a street or two away from my moms house), I lean in and it is a massive, 150-200ft classic ufo shape, the only color I could see was the black color on the bottom of the craft, it was no more than 2 streets over, moving north at around 5 mph, making absolutely no noise. Not sure if maybe the car I was in was blocking out all of the sound, but it was so eerie my girlfriend drove away and by the time I realized I needed a picture, she turned around and it was gone. I immediately text my brother knowing he’s awake and telling him what I saw, it had green lights on the top and bottom,( I remember specifically there was one less green light on the top than on the bottom, a red light at the back, and a MASSIVE white light shining on the ground, lighting up the entire house below it. It was very creepy and eerie which is why my girlfriend drove away so fast. My brother said he heard a noise, it was a very loud sound, something that made him want to check what it was, but he didn’t because he didn’t think much of it, but he said it was a sound he felt like he never has heard before, which is weird seeing how we lived in a house less than a mile away from an airport for multiple years. But he said if he had to compare it to anything, it would be like a helicopter but it had more of a jet sound/plane before it went away. I won’t go into any more detail because I don’t have the specifics, but my brother has actually heard the same noise, and ran out and saw it with his own eyes closer than I ever did, he described the angle of it, lights and everything the exact way I did. A week or two later, my mutual friend I never have met saw the same exact thing in the same spot. There are a few more people that have claimed to see the same thing, but I am unsure if it was what I saw. I really hope this gets out there and maybe someone else eventually can catch on camera what I saw. I really have nothing to gain from telling this story, it just seems like the right place to explain what happened without being scrutinized and being told I was hallucinating, on drugs, etc, etc. I will admit I smoked a little weed that night, around 2-3 grams, but I have a good tolerance and have NEVER hallucinated off of weed. 

If anyone has had a sighting of something similar, please let me know where and what you saw. I really don’t think there is a single thing anyone can say to me that will sway me to believe it was a helicopter, or a plane, or a drone. I called the sheriffs office that night to ask if there were any helicopters in the area and the response I got was a sarcastic “yeah”. This has been something on my mind recently because I have switched to night shifts and have been watching a lot of strange lights I can’t explain flying overhead. I am sure they are drones and planes, but it has been making me think about my experience a lot and I have no one to explain this to without sounding crazy.