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Full Version: Top Cities for Sightings (as of December 2020)
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I'll start dropping out interesting aggregations of data from the databases from time to time. This one unfortunately isn't too interesting.  Big Grin As you'd expect major US cities bubbled right up to the top. 

The first place it gets interesting is at position 32. Canton, Ohio shows up as an outlier. A smaller mid-sized city showing up above much larger population centers.

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Phoenix 
  3. New York 
  4. Las Vegas 
  5. Portland 
  6. Montgomery 
  7. San Diego 
  8. Chicago 
  9. Tucson 
  10. Houston 
  11. Seattle 
  12. Albuquerque 
  13. Denver 
  14. Austin 
  15. Orlando 
  16. San Francisco 
  17. Washington 
  18. Philadelphia 
  19. San Antonio 
  20. Miami